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Rultract® Skyhook Retractor System

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Rultract® Skyhook Retractor
Rultract® Skyhook Retractor

The Rultract® Skyhook Retractor has proven to be a world leader in surgical retractor systems. Rultract Inc. has established a medical industry standard for retraction with gentle and uniform lift allowing for maximum exposure. Coupled with ease of set-up and operation, nothing performs like a Rultract® Skyhook Retractor System.

The Rultract® Retractor provides unparalleled exposure for:

Internal Mammary Artery Dissection
Resternotomy Assist
Re-do Heart Surgery / Xiphoid Entry
Subxiphoid Pericardial Procedures
Pediatric / ASD
Minimally Invasive Procedures
VATS Sternal Elevation
Sternal Elevation for NUSS Procedure
Panniculectomy Assist

• One person operation
• Set-up time approximately one minute
• Adjustable ratchet assembly for upward and outward retraction
• Each rake pivots independently
• The ratcheting system gently and evenly elevates the sternum in approximate increments of one millimeter per click
• Reversible Ratchet allows for quick directional change
• Accessories attach to all current systems
• Snap Clip provides for single rake retraction

• Less sternal fracture and costochondral separation
• Less post-operative paresis with Double Bend Bottom Post

Manufactured for over 30 years with precision quality in the USA by Pemco, Inc.