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Repair and Refurbishment Services

Rultract is the only authorized service center.  Any modification or alteration by the end user or outside  service vendor will void all  existing warranties and release Rultract from any liability.

Using an outside service vendor puts the hospital and patient at risk.

The use of non OEM parts and unauthorized service technicians by third party repair facilities can affect equipment safety, reliability and the regulatory status of your device. These actions can put the hospital, patient and OR staff at risk.
Rultract reserves the right to refuse to service or sell replacement pieces/parts for equipment that has exceeded its recommended safe use life span or has no factory authorized service history in the last 2 years. (or purchased prior to October 1, 2013 with no known service history).



Regulations require that all instruments sent in for repair MUST be  cleaned of debris and decontaminated. In order to process your repair or refurbishment request,  download the Service Request Form, follow the instructions and verify that the items have been decontaminated and cleaned prior to shipment to the service  center.

If you require a loaner system,  CALL 888-550-5695 to speak with our representatives.

Expedited services are also available on request.

Repair and Refurbishment Services

It is confidence that your equipment will function properly in the operating room, or it isn’t.

It is inspected by Rultract’s factory trained technicians, or it isn’t.

It is backed by a two year warranty, or it isn’t.

For those who have the safety of the patient in mind,

It is Rultract Certified Service, or it isn’t.