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Surgical Procedures The Versatility of The Rultract Retractor

Rultract®  has established a medical industry standard for surgical retraction systems which provide gentle and uniform lift and allows for maximal exposure. The Rultract®  Retractor provides a powerful, easily controlled lift to the chest wall. At 1mm increments, the ratchet retracts in a relatively atraumatic manner. Substantial for the obese patient yet precise enough for the fragile sternum.

The Rultract®  retractor is commonly used in IMA Dissection, Sternal Elevation for Modified Nuss Pectus Repair, Adult and Pediatric Resternotomy, and Panniculectomy. Medtronic®  suggests using the  Rultract with the Medtronic®  Thoratract™ Retractor for MICS CABG. Click on the pictures below to go to the surgical procedure focus page.